About Me


Born in 1991 in Le Mans, I started making TV show parodies with my brother and an old tape camera.

I follow a usual curriculum until i’m 18 years old when i earn my secondary diploma in Science. Then I go to a cinema school in Rennes for a two year formation : editing and Visual effects at MJM Graphic Design.

Looking for an alternation job for my second year, I find Bullit Studio which hire me as an motion designer. My transfer to MJM Paris et my second year done, I earn my diploma as Editor/Motion Designer.

My curriculum is running with an European bachelor in infography 3D in CNA CEFAG school. There, I learn to control the technics of modeling and 3D animation.

In parallel, on my free time, I learn the Blender 3D software and the community surrounding it.

After learning this experience and skills, Bullit Studio hire me in permanent contract as 3D motion designer.

I also a part of a collective artists, Collectif OYC with which i share my knowledge for more and even more interesting projects.

My passions are cinéma and music. By the way, I play guitar, piano, drums and I don’t want to stop here…

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